About virtualminexpo.com


     A couple years after the 2004 International Mine Expo I ran into a situation underground, and I knew I saw the perfect product at the mine show in Las Vegas that

     would be the remedy to my problem.  The trouble was, I no longer remembered the company name, or what they called their product, and I had trashed all the info

     I gathered at the show.  The kids had all the pens and pencils, all I had left from the expo were a couple hats and some good memories.  I did keep all the       

     business cards, but there really isn't allot of information on a business card, a good percentage of them don't even have a web address. 


     Yes, I did resolve my problem underground, I even found the company I was trying to remember, but it took several searches on the internet.  I remember thinking

     that there really should be some place a miner could go, on the internet, some where that all the suppliers of the mines could easily be found.


     virtualminexpo.com is that web site, it's for the scientists and engineers, as well as the managers and the miners, if you make your living at the mines, this

     web site is for you.


     24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, virtualminexpo.com is here with the information you are looking for.  The Virtual Mine eXpo is not trying to replace

     the real world, physical mine show, VMExpo is just filling the void of time between shows.


I like to think of the Virtual Mine eXpo as an exercise that works out the Mining Imagination


     Here's a good tip on navigating Virtual Mine eXpo,  Click on the VMExpo logo (top left) to return to the main site from any

     page you are on.