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  3M Mining Worldwide  
  Scotchlite™ Glass Bubbles .  Glass bubbles incorporated into emulsion formulations as a sensitizing agent can improve blast efficiency and relizbility. A broad range of densities and strengths are available to match a wide range of slurry and emulsion requirements.  
  We are a manufacturer for explosive equipment, including Bulk Explosive Equipment (both mobile and stationary). AAMCOR supplies all types of support equipment for the explosives and mining industry including Bulk AN, ANFO, and Emulsion Silos, Explosives Magazines, Bulk Explosive Blend Trucks, Plant Explosive Equipment and parts for all makes of your Bulk Explosive Equipment.  
  AEL ignite  
  AEL is the principal producer of explosives  and the preferred service provider to Africa's premier mining  enterprises.  We strive to exceed expectations through innovative blasting solutions - a philosophy that  has  ensured AEL's continued  success over the  past  century.  We never settle for mediocrity; we expect excellence.  
  The Airplaco Powder Monkey is the mining industry solution for loading AN-FO (Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil) into horizontal or vertical bore holes.  Simplified operator controls and heavy-duty pressure vessel construction keep the Powder Monkey working efficiently in the toughest conditions. This type of machine, a pressurized pneumatic tank, is referred to as an “AN-FO loader,” “ANFO pot,” or “pressure vessel.  
  Alpha Explosives  
  ALPHA EXPLOSIVES has supplied explosives to customers in the West since 1906. A joint-venture corporation of Dyno Nobel, the largest US manufacturer of explosives, it operates two facilities in California and serves Hawaii.  
  Andersen Mek. Verksted AS  
  AMV has several versions and sizes of charging platforms, all acording to customers demand. Normally the charging equipment is build upon lorry trucks with four hydraulic support legs, between two and four charging lines and a working platform adapted to the coverage area. As a standard, the machine is equipped with compressor, el-hydraulic power unit and belonging cable reel / cable for external electric connection. All hydraulic functions can also be operated from the pump mounted on the chassis pto.  
  Archer Company USA  
  Dexpan® Non-Explosive Controlled Demolition Agent by providing Silent Expansive Cracking. For Demolition, Reinforced Concrete Cutting, Excavating, Rock
Breaking, Stone Quarrying, Mining and More
  Armag Corporation  
  Whether you are concerned about explosives storage compliance or if you know the regs and simply want to get a magazine that will last a lifetime, Armag Corporation should be your next call. Put our decades of experience to work for you and get the secured explosive storage and ammunition storage you need.  
  Austin Powder Company  
  Providing explosives to the Mining industry has been the foundation of Austin Powder for many years. Underground coal producers in Appalachia provided Austin the opportunity to establish itself in the mining segment. Since then, the Austin name has earned respect around the world, and our market shares in coal, taconite, precious metals, and surface and underground markets have grown steadily.  
  BDS INC.  
  BDS builds an effective system to dewater small and medium diameter boreholes. We supply our blasthole dewatering system directly to end users around the world and through a network of distributors.  We stock and distribute Boulder Buster units, parts and cartridges in the US. We supply electronic remote blasting devices and represent the ARESCO line of bulk explosives delivery systems.  
  BF Carr & Associates  
  The StemPlugTM Blast Control Plug is the original, most widely used, and most effective stemming plug on the market. First introduced in 1991, well over 3 million plugs have been successfully used worldwide.  
  Blasters Tool and Supply Company  
  We are your complete source for blasting and bomb technician accessories. We provide the most reliable service and products in the mining, demolition and law enforcement industries.  
  Blasting and Mining Consultants, Inc.  
  BMC's fully trained staff specializes in complicated blast designs, blaster training, third party review of blasting programs, pre-blasting surveys, public relations, claim and complaint investigations, sales, rentals, calibration, and servicing of computerized blasting seismographs and air blast monitors (Instantel), third party vibration monitoring and analysis, and expert witness work with explosives and blasting-related litigation.  
  bme (Pty) Ltd  
  bme (Pty) Ltd is the leading supplier of explosives to the South African open pit mining and quarrying industry. It offers ground breaking solutions to all its customers and has operations in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mali, Tanzania, Swaziland, Mauritania and Zambia. It also trades into Sierra Leone & Mozambique.  
  Breaker Technology Inc.  
  BTI offers the "custom fit" solution to your ANFO loading application. Engineered to meet demanding mine requirements, for loading short or long hauls, working ranges of up to 45 ft (14m), and available with single or dual charging vessels with capacity to suit. Provides charging with lift platform or a telescoping basket and boom.  
  Can-Blast Inc.  
  Can-Blast  manufactures Pneumatic Cartridge Loaders for loading water gel or emulsion type cartridge explosives. The cartridges are propelled through Semi-conductive plastic tubing with compressed  air. This loading method is used with wet drilled holes, long hole blasting, pillar recovery, and retreat mining.  
  D & L Thomas Equipment Corp.  
  We are a major distributor of drilling, blasting, air compressor, and waterwell equipment and supplies in the United States and worldwide. This means we can give you the best product at the best price with immediate delivery. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff are dedicated to customer service and quality workmanship.  
  Daigh Company  
  When a job has "no blasting" specifications, the non-explosive demolition agent Dā-mite® Rock Splitting Mortar should be used to break concrete or rock quickly and quietly.   
  davey bickford  
  Harnessing explosives energy is an advanced field, and at Davey Bickford we have gathered teams of experienced, highly qualified professionals that are devoted to this particular science.  
  DetNet is a world leading supplier of electronic initiating systems, and blast control networks.  A combination of technology and practical experience has made DetNet the leading partner of choice to global explosives companies, such as AEL and Dyno Nobel, for the provision of electronic initiating systems to mining operations wanting reproducible bottom-line benefits. DetNet has global reach, with channel partners in Africa, Europe, North America, Latin America and Australia distributing its products.  
  Dux Machinery Corporation  
  P1 AN/FO Loader Features :  Unsurpassed high capacity AN/FO loading; available with standard single 1,250 lb (570 kg) vessel or two vessels ranging from 550 lb (250 kg) to 2,000 lb (900 kg) each.   Proven DUX articulated carrier with clean-burning Deutz Diesel engine and Dana SOH power train.   Remote controls for upper and lower level operation. Comes with emergency hydraulic power pack for operating unit with diesel engine shut down.  Self-leveling aerial manlift boom, also available with optional scissor lift platform with side wings for one set-up face coverage and maximum production.  Fully self-contained unit with on-board compressor.  
  Dykon Blasting Corp.  
  We are a precision drilling and blasting company specializing in the application of high explosives for controlled blasting for the excavation of rock and reinforced concrete on both land and water.  With a workforce having many years of combined experience in controlled blasting, Dykon has developed the expertise needed to provide the construction, mining and aggregate industry with state-of-the-art precision drilling and blasting services.  
  Dynamic Blast Solutions  
CoreDeck is a product and method for reducing blasting cost without affecting the blast result.  
  Dyno Nobel Inc.  
  Customers in the mining, quarry, construction, pipeline and geophysical exploration industries choose Dyno Nobel, a global leader in the commercial explosives industry.  
EXPANCEL® microspheres are marketed worldwide. The company was founded in 1980.  
  Explosives Limited  
  Explosives Limited (XL) is Western Canada’s leading supplier of explosives products and services to the open pit and underground mining industry. XL is an independant distributor of Orica Canada Inc. packaged explosives and initiation systems in Western Canada. Handibulk explosives and systems are also provided by XL to the mining industry.  
  ExploTrack, Inc.  
  ExploTrack© provides breakthrough technical solutions that detect, track, monitor, and identify explosives in real-time and enable unprecedented supply-chain security.  
  Foam Concepts, LLC  
  Foam Concepts sells a unique, liquid to solid, two-part pour foam system specifically designed to plug and seal mining-related ground features, including abandoned mine shafts and adits, wells, core holes, and blast holes, both surface, underground, vertical, and horizontal.  
  GIA Industri AB  
  GIA Industri AB and Dyno Nobel Europe have signed an agreement regarding the Dyno Nobel Rocmec ANFO Charging Equipment program and Rocmec Scaling Machines. The purpose of the agreement is to further strengthen the market with high quality equipment utilising GIA´s mechanical skills and Dyno Nobel´s large know-how regarding explosives and charging technique. Both organisations believe this will benefit our customers in the mining and construction industry.  
  Getman Corp  
Diesel-powered explosives carrying/loading packages speed operation with large face coverage and high-capacity storage.  
  Ideal Supply, Inc.  
  At Ideal Supply, our strategy is to offer a full and resourceful line of blasting, surveying,and safety supplies at the lowest price possible. In keeping pace with advancing technology and new industry methods, our diversified product lines are in constant review and updated to meet the challenges of tomorrow.  
  i-kon™ Electronic Blasting System  
  The i-kon™ System has been designed with flexibility & ease of application in mind. Orica provides fully trained and certified i-kon™ System Blasters, Instructors, and Specialists for on-site applications of the System to ensure the highest quality results and full delivery of benefits to customers.  
  Incitec Pivot Ltd  
  Incitec Pivot Limited is a leading international chemicals company with nitrogen-based manufacturing at its core.  The Company's continued growth is driven by global demand for fertilisers and explosives, essential inputs for agricultural and mining industries.  
  You can't manage what you can't measure. And you can't solve problems when you don't have the tools to diagnose them. Instantel® monitors have helped blasters, engineers, and consultants all over the world uncover blasting challenges and improve their blasting programs.  
  International Explosive Equipment  
INTERNATIONAL EXPLOSIVES EQUIPMENT (IEE) is a world leading explosives equipment manufacturer.  
  International Society of Explosives Engineers  
  The International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) was formed in 1974 as a professional society dedicated to promoting the safety, security and the controlled use of explosives in mining, quarrying, construction, manufacturing, demolition, aerospace, forestry, avalanche control, art, automotives, special effects, exploration, seismology, agriculture, law enforcement, and many other peaceful uses of explosives.  
  Johnson Hi-Tech Explosives  
  Johnson Hi-Tech Explosives are Australia's premier underground explosive innovators, manufacturing safer more cost effective explosives.  JHT have identified a need for more specialised explosive products in underground mining operations and have met the challenges of developing and manufacturing these products.We have achieved this by listening to our customers comments and tailoring products and solutions that meet their exacting requirements.  
  Lubrizol Corporation  
  Our PIBSA (polyisobutylene succinic anhydride)-based emulsifiers for explosives have nearly 20 years of proven performance in the industry. Explosives present a hazard when they become unstable during storage, and they are useless if they don't explode in the borehole. Both were common occurrences until Lubrizol introduced its PIBSA-based emulsifiers for explosives in the 1980s.   
  Magasec Inc.  
  Magasec Inc. provides electronic monitoring for the explosives, pyrotechnics and chemical industries in Canada and the United States. We are members of the ISEE and CEAEC.  
  Marcotte Mining Mach. Svcs. Inc.  
The rugged M-40 Anfo Truck & the M-60 Emulsion Truck are designed to load drift rounds or production faces in a fast efficient manner in one set-up.  
  Mattson Intertool  
  Mattson Intertool was founded in Brig in 1997. The director of the company is Thomas Mattson. Mattson Intertool is a specialist in alternative blasting methods and is active throughout the world. Mattson Intertool is the proud inventor of the Rock Cracker, a safe method of splitting rocks.  
  Maxam Australia  
  Maxam specialises in the supply of explosives to the quarry market and civil works. Maxam's explosives, accessories and services offer a reliable and capable alternative to explosives consumers. Maxam will meet your needs with flexible blasting solutions.  
  Mine Site Technologies Pty Limited  
  The BlastPED is a remote 'radio' based blast initiation system, i.e. a remote firing unit. BlastPED was developed to provide a safe, remote blast initiation system for mines by eliminating the high cost of installing and maintaining large firing cable networks, and hence reduce the safety concerns (e.g. induction) with these cable based systems.  
  MREL invests substantially in the research and development of innovative products for the blasting and explosives industries. All technical services and product sales are coordinated by personnel located at MREL's Corporate Headquarters in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  
  MTI group  
MTI Mining specialize in Drill and Blast Consumables including: Liners, Blast Hole Stabilizers, Explosive retainers, Ventilation tube, and other mining products.  
  Nordex Explosives Ltd.  
  Nordex has historically supplied explosive products to regional mines, construction projects and quarry operations. The production facility is located in Dane, Ontario, a rural community, 15 kilometres outside of Kirkland Lake. In operation since 1971, Nordex has been an industry leader in the development of new products and the manufacture of innovative high quality explosives.  
  NORMET Corporation  
  Modern highly competitive underground mining and tunnelling provide cost effective and safe excavation and rock reinforcement procedures. The machinery and equipment provided have to be safe and reliable and must also comply with constantly growing productivity and economic requirements of the mining industry.  Normet introduces a complete range of underground liftmobiles and explosive chargers designed to comply with these requirements. They are based on Normet's more than 40 years' accumulated experience and close partnership with international tunnelling and mining customers.  
  Nu-Roads Environmental  
  Blast mats, safety cone ballast rings, and grab rings are just a few of the products we make from used commercial truck tires—which we divert from landfill areas—thereby helping to preserve our environment.  
  NXCO International  
  NoneX™ non-explosive rockbreaking technology was developed by NXCO International Limited, a company registered in the Bahamas and based in Guernsey, Channel Isles.  NXCO was formed in 2001 to develop and commercialise non-explosive rock breaking technology for use in mining and civil applications globally. NXCO has grown from grass roots to become a leading developer and global distributor of non-explosive blasting products.  
  Oldenburg Group Inc.  
  Oldenburg brand UV-11 ANFO trucks provide maximum boom reach that supports 3 heading applications.  Our ANFO trucks are purpose-built and designed to meet the rugged environments of underground mining.   
  Orica Mining Services is the world's leading supplier of commercial explosives and blasting systems.  Mining Services now operates globally from regional head offices in Australia, Europe, Latin America and the United States. While it continues to expand into new markets, having established operations in Venezuela, Kyrgystan, India and China.  
  Pacific Blasting & Demolition Ltd.  
  With, dedication to customer satisfaction and safety as our focus, Pacific Blasting & Demolition tackles difficult jobs, worldwide. If you have a question on how to do the unusual, Pacific Blasting can provide an answer.  
  Potters Industries  
  Q-CEL® hollow microspheres are unsurpassed as sensitizers for water based industrial explosives used in mining, quarrying and construction. The tiny spheres function as encapsulated air within the explosives matrix and are an integral part of the system. During the initiation by a primer, the spheres become hot spots, concentrating energy to generate extreme temperatures and decompose the surrounding explosives mixture. Reliable and efficient release of energy is apparent from consistent velocity of detonation and controlled fragmentation of the rock.  
  Power Deck Company  
  The Power Deck Company provides an innovative product and technique that can enhance any blasting operation.  By utilizing the Power Deck, dramatic reductions in flyrock, vibration, drilling costs, and volume of explosives have been documented in all sectors of the mining industry. Power Deck users have also observed increases in fragmentation and cast percentages while maintaining or lowering their powder factor.  
  Precision Blasting Services  
  PRECISION BLASTING SERVICES was founded in 1973 by Calvin J. Konya, Ph.D. to   provide the blasting Industry with unbiased  consulting services to reduce blasting costs  and increase efficiency.  The company has become the leader in its field in the USA and because of its  advanced technology has become known as the consultants' consultant. It is the consulting firm used by the professionals when they need help.  
  P-Wave, Inc.  
  Master Blaster™ is a blast and inventory management software system that addresses these issues and dramatically improves documentation accuracy, minimizes paperwork, and allows for rapid search and retrieval of blast documentation. This innovative, web-based, wireless communication system enables blasters, support staff, and managers to have the most up-to-date information, regarding customers, inventory, billing, seismograph and other blast data, readily available.  
  Rocmec Mining Inc.  
  Rocmec Mining offers services to develop and mine narrow vein ore bodies located throughout the world, using the thermal fragmentation mining method. We provide customised solution adapted to various production environments.  
  RockTek is committed to providing the mining, quarrying, and civil construction industries with: innovative, yet simplified, rock and concrete-breaking technologies cost-effective tools and materials that utilize these technologies improved safety to personnel and property   
  Rothenbuhler Engineering  
  Remote Firing Devices safely and remotely initiate explosives used in mining, construction and military industries via intelligent and discrete radio communication.  
  The nitro business produces and markets ammonia, ammonium nitrate, base fertilisers, commercial explosives, nitric acid, phosphoric acid and a range of specialised blasting accessories.  Production facilities are located in South Africa at Bronkhorstspruit, Cape Town, Meyerton, Phalaborwa, Rustenburg, Sasolburg and Secunda. Blended, bulk and packaged explosives as well as related accessories are manufactured at sites close to major mining customers.  
Providing the explosives industry with quality water gels, Emulsions and energetic materials.  
  Special Devices Inc  
  In today's changing world of mining and blasting the "ease-of-use" factor in any electronic initiations system is foremost. On the bench, in the ditch, at the face, or inside the stope... No matter where you go, no matter where you blast, the procedure is always the same with SDI Powered detonators. Tell it. Arm it. Fire it. That's it. It's that simple.  
  Stemlock Inc.  
The mission of Stemlock Inc. is to supply blasters and miners with safe, effective and easy-to-use products that will substantially enhance customer profits.   
  Thunderbird Mining Systems  
  Several benefits of Thunderbird’s products include: More Accurate Hole Depths—No Over or Under Drilling; Optimize ROP for the Drilling Conditions; Identify Coal and/or Hard or Soft Strata; More Accurate Blasting and Reduced Explosives Costs; Track Drill Stem Components; Eliminate Bent Drill Steel; More Accurate Data and No Handwritten Reports; and a Training Tool for New Operators.  
  Timberock International  
  Now you can clean and load drill holes in one easy operation. A two way actuator allows the operator to quickly switch from flushing to loading by using a three-way remote control valve which clips to the operator's belt. This feature allows the operator to work more effectively - helping address the problem of ANFO over spray which leads to nitrates in mine water and the need for costly environmental cleanup measures.  
  Tradestar Corporation  
  Tradestar designs and manufactures a variety of custom equipment that facilitates the explosive and mining industry. Our experienced team works hard to provide out customers with the most reliable technologically advanced equipment in the industry.  
  TREAD Corporation  
  A world leader in the manufacturing of bulk handling and processing equipment for the explosives industry. Founded in 1957, Tread offers almost 50 years of service and solutions to our customers by providing complete explosives storage, handling and delivery systems.  
  U.S. Explosive Storage  
  We are the premier manufacturer of explosive magazines for ammunition storage, ordnance storage, pyrotechnics storage, and other explosive materials storage. We have over 30 years of manufacturing and design experience in the steel building industry. We assure you that buying from U.S. Explosive Storage, you are getting the best storage magazines, dayboxes, IME/DOT boxes, fireworks storage and portable explosive storage lockers available.  
  Varis - Smart Underground Communications  
  Smart Blast works in conjunction with a mine’s Leaky Feeder system to safely provide full, two-way blast control for underground and surface applications. If your operation already has a Leaky Feeder system you will measure your payback in weeks, not months with Smart Blast.