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  BLASPA inc.  
  The BLASPA blast design simulators uses explosive and rock properties to predict blasting results, at your mine or construction site.  Rock excavation is the first process in the cycle of operation of a mine, and efficient blasting is key to the profitability of the mine.  
  DataVis has created Drill and Blast Software (DBS) a complete system to achieve efficiency of drill and blast operations.  DBS includes a range of integrated drill and blast products designed specifically for use in open cut and underground mining.  
DelPat will minimize design time and maximize the cost-effectiveness of your next rock blasting.  
  Blast Central  
  Blast Central web site. This web site and its tools provide a repository for blast product information, blasting utilities, blast calculations and blasting and explosive contact information. The intended audience is blasting engineers and explosives engineers.  
  Purpose Built Applications   
Design,calculate and price any Mine,Quarry or Road construction operation, including adding a presplit ( Smoothwall ) blast with the main production blast.  
  P-Wave, Inc.  
  Master Blaster, P-Wave's blast and inventory management software system, dramatically improves documentation accuracy, minimizes paperwork, and allows for rapid search and retrieval of blast documentation.  
  Rockmate Technical Services  
  Rockmate Technical Services develops software for the Mining, Quarrying, Civil Engineering, Surveying and related industries. The software developed is designed to improve profits by reducing costs, increasing production, at the same time improve safety and reduce the environmental impact of mining and quarrying.  
  Soft-Blast is the distributor of JKSimBlast, the premier software system for blast design, analysis and management. JKSimBlast has over 400 users throughout the world in surface, underground and tunnel blasting applications, working in mines, explosives supply, consulting, contracting and education.  
  Stroma Engineering  
  iRing is an exciting new software package primarily used in the mining industry for planning underground blasting operations. Designed and developed in collaboration with a major international mining corporation, this intelligent tool logically assists planners through the ring planning and blasting process, automating a time consuming, manual task which allows "planners to do planning".  
  WipWare Incorporated  
  With the introduction of WipFrag in 1986, WipWare became the industry leader in optical granulometry of fragmented material. Since that time, the company has built a global reputation for excellence in software innovation and design, earning it the trust and loyalty of hundreds of users worldwide. With WipFrag Momentum and WipFrag Reflex, WipWare continues to provide customers with innovative solutions to their optimization and automation needs.