Underground Coal and Trona Mining Equipment

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  A. L. Lee Corp.  
  A. L. Lee's product line is for underground mining, primarily coal. The machines offered include Utility Vehicles, Personnel Carriers and Rockdusters. These products are built to meet customers' needs.  
  Alminco pty ltd.  
  On top, down below’, Alminco has maintained a solid reputation internationally for our coal mining technology which is sold into major international coal operations. All Alminco products and equipment is engineered and built in compliance with safety standards. Many of our products represent or exceed the industry standard, because we are competitive, cost effective and reliable. Adding to this our OEM capacity and industry know how allows us to build solutions that get your job done.  
  Alpha Services, Inc.  
  We are a full service company providing a complete line of underground mining vehicles in our modern 12,000 square foot facility, which includes personnel carriers, maintenance vehicles, flat beds, and parts haulers Etc. We also offer diesel repower conversions on scoops, bolters, tractors, dusters and trucks and inventory a full line of parts for vehicles that were built on the "CONCEPT" of common, readily available parts and components.  
  ARO Mining Products Inc.  
  We are a leading designer and manufacturer of specialised, innovative drilling/bolting machines, used for the installation of strata control in underground mines and tunnels. Machine mounted and hydraulically driven, ARO drill rigs are compact, rugged, efficient and tough, built to deliver a long working life in the harshest of undergound working environments.  
  B & F Parts and Services  
We buy and sell used mining equipment.  
  Becker Mining Systems  
  From automation and energy distribution in face support and underground communication to the haulage of men and materials: Becker Mining Systems works out optimum solutions together with its customers.  
  Brookville Equipment Corporation  
  Brookville has now completed its second 50-Ton Diesel Tractor for Massey Energy.  This equipment will be used to move supply cars down a steep grade into the mine to be distributed.  Only the operator and a passenger can be carried in this vehicle.  
  Bucyrus International, Inc.  
  Through the acquisition of the German mining equipment supplier DBT in 2007, Bucyrus is now also a supplier of complete system solutions for underground coal mining worldwide. Bucyrus offers and supplies state-of-the-art technology for longwall and room & pillar operations. The wide range of different product lines manufactured by Bucyrus provides a “One Stop Shop” to the international underground coal mining industry, including service packages.  
  Cogar Mine Supply  
  Cogar Mine Supply is not a new business.  In fact, they have been in business since 1979.  What is new is the company vision.  Cogar Mine Supply is based on simple business principles; Listen to the people who run and maintain the machines for a living and give them what they ask for.  
  Damascus Corp.  
  Coal mines have people or light supplies to move. Damascus has personnel carriers, battery powered electric vehicles or diesel powered vehicles to efficiently do the job. Also check out our rugged industrial vehicles, utility cars, and rock dusters.  
  Dosco Overseas Engineering Ltd  
  Roadheaders for Development and Production.  The Company's early successes were linked to the mechanisation of the UK coal industry. Ongoing product developments by Dosco have brought about massive improvements in volume capabilities within the coal industry. However the equipment is not only suited to coal mining, other applications include salt, potash, gypsum, iron ore, bauxite and phosphates.  
  Eickhoff Corporation  
  Powerful longwall shearer loaders for the coal mining and minerals industries, include the Eickhoff SL 300 (high performance operation in low to medium seams) and the SL 500 (heavy duty shearer for operation in high seams).  Eicotrack® chainless haulage systems for armored face conveyors, when long life and high strength performance are required.  
  Ellton Longwall  
  Established in 1997.  Ellton Longwall was formed as part of the Ellton Group of Companies to provide and integrated service in conveying, lifting and project management. The Ellton Group of companies now provides a  larger more complete range of services into the Australian Mining Industry.  Ellton Longwall Pty Ltd is the sole and exclusive distributor for Parson Mining Chains and Chain Connectors in Australia.  Ellton Longwall is also now the agent/distributor for China National Coal Mining Equipment Group in Australia.  
  Fairchild International  
  Fairchild International the largest Independently owned and operated coal mining manufacturer in the world has supplied more complete continuous mining systems than all other manufacturers combined. Having manufactured over 900 complete thin-seam continuous mining systems, it is evident Fairchild produces the most advanced, dependable high-production thin-seam mining systems including continuous miners, continuous haulage systems, battery-powered and diesel-powered scoops, maintenance vehicles, maintenance centers and cargo carriers.  
  Famur SA  
  The greatest attribute of the Group is the manufacture of powered longwall sets allowing for the exploitation of coal deposits using longwall technology, subassemblies and replaceable parts for machines of its production.  
  Genco Mine Service  
  Genco Mine Service began in 1978 as a supplier of new and reconditioned electrical and electronic systems to the local coal mines around Huntington, Utah.
In 1986 Genco marketed the Isuzu Diesel Pup as an underground personnel carrier. Beginning in 1996, Genco partnered with a Chinese truck manufacturer to provide the mining industry with practical, functional and low cost personnel carriers. Genco prides itself in ingenuity and dedication to its customers.  The GENCO is the ultimate in underground mine transportation. It is quickly becoming the standard in underground transportation because it is practical and functional.
  Getman Corp  
  Getman diesel underground mining equipment serves around the world in coal, PGM, gold, copper, nickel, and crushed stone mines. Getman’s in-depth knowledge and technological innovations have made mines everywhere safer and more.  
  Halbach & Braun  
H&B is a competent partner in the planing and designing of complete mining systems.  
  Highland Machinery Corporation   
  Since 1988, Highland Machinery Corporation has grown to service major mining companies throughout the world. Yes, we still rebuild and repair equipment or update it with our quality frames.  However, today Highland offers so much more!  We now offer new equipment product lines that include new shuttle cars, scoops, rubber tired personnel carriers, prep plant feeders, our patented HMC Feeder and belt terminal groups.  We also carry a large components parts exchange program.  It is our goal to provide our customer’s with dependable, quality mining equipment at a fair price.  
  Hydra Power  
  hydraulic tools, hydraulic rams, single acting rams, double acting rams, toe jacks, wheel pullers, porta power, rock splitters, water pump, underground mining equipment, rock duster, equipment washer, underground diesel equipment.  
  Interstate Machinery Inc.  
  Interstate Machinery Inc., headquartered in Beckley, WV, is a manufacturer and rebuilder of reliable equpment. Together our staff has over 250 years of experience. Specializing in the latest technology and design of conveyer drive systems and utility scoops. Our new scoop, the "Bulldawg" was designed with all the latest state of the art features. Likewise, with the conveyer drive program, we hope to become the leader in the coal industry. We offer any size drive units, roller and impact tail sections, take-ups and power packs, and any of your fabrication needs.  As an additional feature, Interstate can loan the customer a "loaner scoop" while their's is being rebuilt.  
  JBLCo Inc.  
  Underground Permissable Vehicles.  Each vehicle offers multiple safety features along with its basic mantrip function. These vehicle’s increase productivity and provide safer transportation for miners.  JBLCo Rock Dusters.  Designed with the philosophy of “One man, one pass, rib to rib coverage”. With miles of track to maintain, most mines appreciate up to 1000 feet of entry in two minutes. The simple, no blower, design has resulted in 98% plus machine availability.  
  Johnson Industries, Inc.  
  Johnson Industries has been manufacturing dependable, reliable, and innovative equipment for the mining industry since 1981. A combined 85 years of actual mining experience allows us to understand the needs of the coal mine operator. This knowledge has been an integral part of the development of a full line of underground personnel carriers, a patented coal auger sampling system and other products capable of meeting any need.  
  Joy Mining Machinery  
  Headquartered in Warrendale, Pennsylvania, Joy Mining Machinery employs 4,500 persons worldwide. Our Vision is to be the Leading Global Supplier of Underground Mining Systems and Services In Partnership with Our Customers to Enable Them to Consistently Produce at "The Lowest Cost Per Ton" Over the Lifecycle of the Equipment.  
  KSD Enterprises, LLC   
  KSD Enterprises, the home of the fully customizable and fully portable methane gas borehole exhauster, the Methane Buster!  We design, build, furnish and service equipment.  
  Longwall Associates, Inc.  
  Long range profitability and success demand a partner who is in it with you for the long haul. Let us prove to you that Longwall Associates, Inc. is the right partner for your company.  
  Metal Innovations  
  Metal Innovations Mining Division aims to provide a range of quality fuels to the end user. This is achieved within our own mines utilising our own technology, the Celtic Miner series, which enables us to access coal reserves previously felt to be uneconomical to mine. Seams which are difficult to access due to geological conditions or falls of ground mean minimal interruption for the CMs due to their innovative design, greatly minimising the down time caused by these factors.  
  Petitto Mine Equipment Inc  
  Serving the coal industry for more than 35 years, Petitto Mine Equipment, Inc. specializes in the manufacture of heavy duty, crawler track mounted longwall move equipment. Petitto has set the coal industry standard for longwall shield retrieval in the United States for the past 20 years. Representing equipment utilization in nearly 90 percent of all longwall mines in the United States, the Petitto Mule Longwall Shield Retriever, the Petitto Mule Haul Longwall Shield Installer and the Petitto Pack Mule Longwall Shield Transporter offer a complete product line of equipment designed to handle todays' heaviest shields. These reliable, hard-working units are also utilized internationally to handle some of the heaviest shields in the world.  
  Phillips Machine Service, Inc.  
  Phillips offers the exchange of completely rebuilt continuous miners and shuttle cars of most currently popular models, regardless of original manufacturer. A warranty equivalent to new machine warranty is included with all rebuilt and remanufactured machines.  
  PJ Berriman & Co Pty Ltd  
  PJ Berriman & Co Pty Ltd are engaged in the design, manufacture, repair, overhaul and modification of specialized mining vehicles, explosion protection electrical equipment, power generation and control engineering for the industrial and mining industry sectors.  
  Valley Longwall International Group  
  The Valley Longwall International Group seeks to provide equipment, support and services to underground coal mines around the world focusing on gassy coal mines where Australia sets the standard globally for best practice.  
  Wallace Diesel Mining Equipment  
Our production lines include Diesel Powered Mining Equipment, Agricultural Equipment and Attachments, plus Tilt Utility Trailers.  
  Coal, potash, salt or other mineral rocks – WIRTH machines can be used to excavate all these. Depending on the customer’s requirements and the condition of the mine, the extraction of the raw materials involves roadheaders or continuous miners. They carry the material away in the mine, which is then brought first to the trunk road. From there, the raw material is either deposited in collection hoppers for interim storage or transported directly to the surface for storage there until it undergoes further processing.