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  Acker Drill Company  
  Core Boxes are designed to carry and store cores in an orderly fashion. The boxes are made as short as possible to accommodate carrying in an automobile or truck, and light enough to be easily hand carried. Removable spacers are provided to separate sections of core. Lids are hinged and include a simple latch.  
  Coastal Core Boxes  
  Quality testing plus complete customer satisfaction are the main theme for Coastal Core Boxes. Our boxes are subjected to the rigors of jobsite usage. The box ends can hold up to core constantly banging into them without any failure. The bottom of the boxes are double nailed and glued. All joints are double nailed and glued. All of us at Coastal Core Boxes are active drillers in the field and know the stresses on boxes from helicopter movement, helpers manhandling them into pickups or even onto skidder blades.  
  Coeur Products  
  We invented the wax impregnated, corrugated core box. This material is ideal to use in most climates and drilling conditions. The wax, which is impregnated into the Kraft paper, will not melt during hot conditions and it will not crack when cold. This makes the box very user friendly. It folds easily, does not clog markers with wax, and is a suitable size for lifting. Each box holds 10ft of core.  We can also supply wood and plastic core boxes upon request.  
  Drillers Service, Inc.  
  Our Cardboard Core Boxes are your cost effective solution for storing.  The plastic version is great for areas of high moisture or where wooden and traditional core boxes are not practical.  Holds 10 ft. of Core.  Our Wood Core Boxes are designed and constructed to give you the maximum protection of your Core Samples.  We can custom build the Wooden Core Boxes with your specifications of Core Size, and Feet of Core.  
  Garden Lake Timber  
  We stock a full range of Core Boxes ready for immediate shipment. Garden Lake Timber is a well established supplier of Core Trays and Rack Systems with over 20 years experience in manufacturing and supply for the mining industry of Northwestern Ontario.  
  Legend Inc.  
  Legend Inc. offers a complete range of products for Geology, Prospectors, Mining, Metallurgy, Assaying, Environmental and Geotechnical Industries.  
  Nordevco Associates Ltd.  
  Nordevco Associates Ltd. has provided over 25 years of service to the mining, drilling and exploration sector. Our organization has developed an outstanding reputation for the design, manufacture and delivery of one of the most durable high quality core box lines in the industry.  
  Prime Fluid Products  
  We can custom build WOODEN CORE BOXES to your specific needs. Call us for a quote or use our Contact Us Form if your working hours are outside of ours. We often supply products for out of State and out of Country job sites.  
  Quality Diamond Tools  
  Quality Diamond Tools (QDT) was established in 2004 and is considered a small business concern with Jim Duncan as its principal owner.  Jim has more than 28 years of experience in the drilling industry. Most of his background comes from 23 years spent with the Christensen organization. While there, he consulted and traveled all over the world, spending countless hours with customers in the field in many different drilling situations.He possesses experience in the manufacturing, consulting, sales, and distribution of diamond bits, core barrels, rods, casing, and all the related drilling tools.  
  Robertson Mfg. Ltd.  
  Western Style core boxes are designed to be the same height as the diameter of the core. This allows for the best proper containment of samples in areas where the rock layers are fractured and have many different seams (mainly the mountain regions of North America).  
  RockTech USA  
  RockTech USA Core Storage Solutions, Our core boxes are a cost-effective solution for storing core drilling samples.  Wax impregnated cardboard has been used for more than 16 years and has been proven to meet the highest demands of the mining and core drilling industry.  
  The Right Stuff of Tahoe, Inc.  
  Geologists, prospectors, and curators: use our RightCoreWare™ system to bar code and track drill samples stored and organized with EVCO Core Boxes and Chocks.