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  Aeroquest International Limited  
  AEROQUEST INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a mining and energy services company providing commercial airborne geophysical surveys for use in mineral and oil and gas exploration. Aeroquest is also developing applications for its proprietary time domain electromagnetic systems in the environmental services and ground water exploration industries.  
  Advanced Geosciences  
  Advanced Geosciences, Inc (AGI) is a high-tech manufacturer of geophysical imaging systems. The company is based in Austin, Texas, USA and has been active in the geophysical field since 1989. Our state-of-the-art products include SuperSting R8 IP, SuperSting Marine, SuperSting R1 IP, and MiniSting memory earth resistivity/IP meters, Swift dual-mode automatic smart electrodes (US patent 6,404,203), graphite electrodes (US Patent 6,674,286), and resistivity and IP modeling and inversion software EarthImager for 2D and 3D applications.  
  ARKeX is a geophysical service company for the oil, gas and mining exploration industries. It is the world's only independent service company specializing in both Gravity Gradiometry and conventional gravity and magnetics. Using state-of-the-art acquisition technologies, including BlueQube, ARKeX combines advanced processing and interpretation techniques in a multi-disciplinary approach to complete your geological picture.  
  Echotech Geophysical, Inc.  
  ECHOTECH works to solve today's environmental problems with the proper balance of innovative technology, proven methodology, and fiscal responsibility.  Our diverse organization allows us to address a variety of geotechnical and environmental issues.  
  Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.  
  Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. (GSSI) is the world leader in the development and manufacture of ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems and electromagnetic induction instruments (EM). These systems are used to non-destructively explore the subsurface of the earth and our infrastructure systems.  
  Geotech Ltd.  
  Geotech Ltd. operates nine VTEM systems in Canada of the world-wide total of 22. Our clients are mainly from the mineral and petroleum exploration industries. Our proprietary VTEM system, in the five years since its first commercial survey, has become the airborne system of choice by the exploration community. A number of exploration successes have been attributed to VTEM surveys by the exploration companies.  
  GPX Airborne  
  GPX Airborne is an internationally recognised service company specializing in the collection, processing and interpretation of remotely sensed data such as magnetics, radiometerics, electromagnetics, altimetry and gravity from aerial (fixed or rotary wing) platforms.  
  GPX Geophysical Exploration Services  
  GPX is based in Perth, Western Australia and provides contract services to the mineral, groundwater and environmental geophysical industry. GPX Services Pty Ltd was formed in late 1997 after a management buyout of World Geoscience Corporation's Ground Geophysical Division. GPX's main area of expertise is in electrical geophysical surveys for mineral exploration, groundwater exploration and environmental applications. Core personnel comprise Ron Creagh, Francis Thomson, Barry Hanlon and Allan Talbot who together have a combined total of over 100 years experience in the Geophysical contracting industry. GPX has extensive Australian and international experience.  
  UTS Geophysic  
  UTS Geophysics is the proven world leader in ultra-high resolution airborne geophysical surveys, offering advanced data acquisition and processing techniques to ensure your project benefits from the highest quality available.