Heap Leach


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  BacTech Mining Corporation  
  As surface ore bodies are depleted, mines are beginning to treat the deeper sulphide ore bodies, many of which will be refractory. BacTech's technology is perfectly suited for many of these projects. Capital and operating cost advantages, together with the environmentally friendly qualities of the technology place BacTech in a position for project participation and licensing opportunities.  Bioleaching of sulphide concentrates and ores frees gold, as well as releasing base metals. Together with precious metals, many valuable base metals, including copper, nickel, zinc, cobalt and molybdenum, occur as sulphide minerals. During the bioleaching process, the base metals are released into the dilute acid and are then recoverable by conventional and developing hydrometallurgical metallurgical processes. The presence of significant levels of base metals in a complex refractory gold deposit can favourably influence project economics.  
  BIOLEACH from BIOMEDY is an ecologically friendly biological technology applicable to geology that has been conceived to correctly approach the overall solution of the extraction problems by engaging consortium of naturally occurring microorganisms and products of their metabolism. 30 years of comprehensive studies of the activity of such microorganisms in different minerals, both in the labs and in the fields, has led to understand the mechanisms of interaction between microbiology, geology and chemistry on which BIOLEACH is based.  
  GeoBiotics, LLC  
  GeoBiotics, LLC is a minerals biotechnology company which has developed several proprietary technologies focusing on the treatment of sulfide ores and concentrates.  
CYANCO produces a liquid sodium cyanide product that is used to leach precious metals like gold and silver from low-grade ore bodies.  
  Kappes, Cassiday & Associates  
  KCA specializes in all aspects of heap leach and cyanide processing, including laboratory testing, project feasibility studies, engineering design, construction, and operations management.  
  MetaLeach Limited  
  MetaLeach Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of AIM listed Alexander Mining plc, formed to commercialise proprietary new mineral processing technologies with the potential to revolutionise the extraction processes for many base metals deposits.  
  MIPSolutions addresses these concerns and overcomes these obstacles with high yield and profitable processing solutions based on molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) technology. Our MIP technology targets specific molecules and ions such as hazardous contaminants and/or valuable commodity metals, captures them through our patented process and then releases the end product. This, in turn, allows processed material to be reused, recycled or sold, enabling our customers to turn environmental liabilities into profits. The primary markets we target are mining, environment, water, and medical.  
  Netafim USA   
  Netafim USA’s Mining Division offers the industry broadest range of quality products, responsive customer service, global resources and a team of experts to support your mining operations.  Total system solutions from Leach lines, fittings, filters, valves and air vents to technical expertise.  
  Ore-Max, Inc.  
  It is the goal of the company to provide the very best heap leach system which will result in maximum gold and copper production.  Ore-Max systems have been sold to over 100 mines worldwide.  
  Pacific Ore Limited  
  Pacific Ore Limited has developed and patented a bacterial leach process for the extraction of base metals from sulphide ores stacked in pre-prepared heaps.  This process is known as the BioHeap™ process and it involves the innovative combination of bacterial leaching and heaps for base metal extraction.  
  Senninger Irrigation Inc.  
  Senninger Irrigation is a manufacturer of high-quality irrigation components including sprinklers, spray nozzles and pressure regulators. These products contribute to the efficient use of water and energy for agriculture, nursery, wastewater treatment and mining applications.  
  Terra Nova Technologies  
  We lay out pads, sequence and optimize lifts, determine equipment requirements and provide complete design for heap leach and stacking systems. We design associated electrical control and distribution systems, procure, support fabrication, construct and install equipment and provide after-sales services and spare parts for heap leach stacking systems, in-plant and overland conveyors and crushing systems.  
  Vector Engineering, Inc  
  With offices across the Americas and in Asia, and over 20 years of experience, Vector is one of the most geographically- diverse companies in its class.  Few companies can claim as many square meters of installed liner systems, the diversity of landfill facilities or the number of heap leach projects that form the foundation of Vector's experience.