Longwall Mining


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  Advanced Chain Technologies (ACT)  
  Advanced Chain Technologies (ACT) group of companies, have supplied world class equipment to Australia’s Longwall Coal Mining and hard rock tunneling Industry since 1997. We are market leaders in our products and are dedicated to supporting the Longwall and Civil Engineer by supplying long lasting, reliable products reducing the maintenance cost per tonne of coal produced.  
  Bucyrus International, Inc.  
  Bucyrus is the global market leader in the longwall equipment, meeting requirements for underground mining all over the world. Adapted to the specific mining conditions at the customer site, Bucyrus supplies tailor-made systems with optimal combinations of machines. This ensures a reliable solution for your longwall operations with high productivity and maximum safety.  
  Ellton Longwall  
Ellton Longwall can offer a proven line of Longwall Equipment ranging from Chain Connectors through to complete Longwall Solutions.  
  Famur SA  
The FAMUR S.A. Machinery Factory is one of two largest Polish producers of longwall shearer loaders for hard coal mining.  
  Hydra Mining Tools International Limited  
  On some longwall installations the radial shearer drum can offer a single or combination cutting system which means it can be used as a coal laced drum or a rock laced drum without having to remove toolholders/blocks and without the need to have two sets of shearer drums.  
  Inoxihp Australia Pty Limited  
  Intermountain Electronics  
  Longwall mining is a very highly productive method of recovering coal, trona and other minerals from underground mines.  This method of mining requires large horsepower motors with complex control arrangements.    Intermountain Electronics can provide these types of controls and the associated engineering, design, MSHA approval applications and start up support required for this system of equipment.  
  International Longwalls News  
  International Longwalls News (ILN) is the world’s only longwall mining specific news source. Providing news daily (Monday to Friday), ILN readers receive breaking stories across mine project developments, new equipment, R&D, safety issues, financial reports, coal price trends and much more.  
  Joy Mining Machinery  
  Joy designs and manufactures the major elements of modern, high production longwall systems and provides the integrated approach necessary for the productivity gains required for success in underground mining.  
  Line Power  
  Into the mine on time is more than just a slogan at Line Power Mfg. Corporation. We're the market leader in longwall controls, power centers, portable substations and we have the best mine-duty transformers in the business.  
  Longwall Associates, Inc.  
  As a supplier of precision mining equipment, critical to our customers’ success, we are a strategic partner in their profitability.  Because we view our business relationship as a long term partnership, we take every opportunity to understand our customers’ operating concerns so that we can utilize our resources to meet their needs and solve their problems.  Long range profitability and success demand a partner who is in it with you for the long haul. Let us prove to you that Longwall Associates, Inc. is the right partner for your company.  
  marco, a company founded in Germany in 1982, is a Premium A1, ATEX and ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of intrinsically safe longwall control systems. marco develops and produces long-term compatible electrohydraulic control systems for customer-specific mining applications. marco’s product line known under the trade name pm32 offers complete system responsibility with a wide range of components including electronics, electrohydraulics, control units, sensors, valves, and cylinders such as legs and roof supports.  
  Optimate Pty Ltd   
  Faceguard™ is an Alert and Visualisation System for Longwall mining operations.  Designed specifically for the longwall mining industry, Faceguard™ provides comprehensive visual perspectives which track the behaviours of the roof supports and shearer, enabling geotechs and longwall supervisors to identify conditions which could affect personnel safety and production output.  
  Petitto Mine Equipment Inc  
  Serving the coal industry for more than 40 years, Petitto Mine Equipment, Inc. specializes in the manufacture of heavy duty, crawler track mounted longwall move equipment. Petitto has set the coal industry standard for longwall shield retrieval in the United States for the past 25 years. Representing equipment utilization in nearly 90 percent of all longwall mines in the United States, the Petitto Mule Longwall Shield Retriever, the Petitto Mule Haul Longwall Shield Installer and the Petitto Pack Mule Longwall Shield Transporter offer a complete product line of equipment designed to handle todays' heaviest shields. These reliable, hard-working units are also utilized internationally to handle some of the heaviest shields in the world.  
  Quaker Chemical  
  With over 20 years of experience in longwall hydraulics, Quaker Chemical is the technical innovator in the field of roof support fluids including the first biodegradable fluid and the first true-solution synthetic fluid. Our fluids are approved by all major longwall manufacturers including Joy and DBT and by mining safety agencies including the U.S., Germany, France, Australia, Poland and Russia.  
  Reilloc Chain  
  Reilloc Chain are the UK's leading manufacturer of longwall mining chain and accessories. We have built an enviable reputation around the world for quality, reliability and performance. Our mining chain has been supplied to major coal producers whose longwall mines have achieved both national and world production records.  
  RM Wilson Co.  
  rm wilson co.has 10 seasoned sales representatives who know the needs and challenges of their longwall customers. They stay in touch with frequent visits and phone calls and have earned the confidence of customers from being there when they are needed with parts or to help solve problems. Their goal is to help customers keep downtime to a bare minimum.  
  Rud-Chain, Inc.  
  The RUD longwall system is carefully designed for the most effective combination of chains, drive wheels, flight bars and connectors to achieve maximum service life. This longwall mining system results in precisely callibrated continiuous chain loops for AFC's. Mining components for underground coal mining such as chains, wheels, connectors and scrapers are used without surface hardening but heat treated to very high tensile strength.  
  Swanson Industries, Inc.  
  Our total refurbishment process restores longwall mining shields and equipment to “like new” condition using specialized onsite machinery that includes large boring mills, burning tables, and automatic bore welders.  
  Valley Longwall International Group  
  The Valley Longwall International Group seeks to provide equipment, support and services to underground coal mines around the world focusing on gassy coal mines where Australia sets the standard globally for best practice.  
  Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Co,Ltd.  
  At present, ZMJ group technical center was already smoothly passed the state-level recognition,ZMJ Group have already invited four academicians to be technical advisers for long period; has established “Design and research institute”, included many research branch institutes. Set up electro-hydraulic control technical research center, the technical development of electro-hydraulic control technology has already made a substantive progress, and can comprehensively complete the industrial experiment at the end of 2008. Now we are constructing the key technology laboratory for hydraulic support, high-end hydraulic support test center, the whole set electro-hydraulic valves test center and so on.