Metal Detectors


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  Advanced Detection Systems   
  Protect your equipment and your profits by using an Advanced Detection Systems metal detector. These rugged detectors will locate all types of metal - allowing you to remove it before it can reach crushers and other valuable pieces of production equipment.  
  Eriez Manufacturing Co.  
  Eriez Magnetics, world authority in advanced technology for magnetic, vibratory and inspection system applications... designs, develops, manufactures and markets magnetic separation, metal detection and materials feeding, screening, conveying and controlling equipment for process and metalworking industries.  
  Metal Detectors, Inc.  
  With over 43 years of experience manufacturing industrial metal detector systems, MDI has a reputation you can trust, quality products that are top of the line, and a dedicated service team that will go out of their way to serve you and your MDI Metal Detector. MDI is a proven leader of industrial metal detection technology and performance products with over 7,000 successful installations worldwide!  
  S+S Metal Detectors North America  
  S+S Metal Detectors North America is the distributor of a complete line of All-Metal Detection and Separation Equipment for Non-Ferrous and Ferrous Metals designed for Free-fall, Bulk Material, Inline, and Belt-conveyor  system applications.  Using a fully automatic digital signal to increase separation speed and sensitivity, we can thereby reduce product/material losses.  
  Tectron Engineering  
  Our Standard Product Line of Industrial Metal Detectors is primarily designed to protect downstream equipment from costly tramp metal damage and resulting productivity loss.