Pollution Control


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  ADA-ES Inc.  
  Today, ADA-ES is at the forefront of mercury control for coal-fired boilers. ADA-ES has been involved in the development of activated carbon injection (ACI) to control mercury since the early 1990s. In 2000, the US DOE chose ADA-ES to conduct the first full-scale demonstrations of ACI on coal-fired power plants. Through this program ADA-ES demonstrated over 90% mercury control and developed the design for commercial ACI systems. ADA-ES now offers turnkey ACI systems and activated carbon sorbents to the electric utility industry. Since 2002, we have sold ACI systems for nineteen power plants with 10,000 MW of installed capacity.  
  CECO Environmental  
  CECO Environmental is a world leader in clean air solutions for industries of all sizes in all sectors. For more than three decades, we have been providing innovative, custom engineered solutions for improving air quality in a wide range of industrial processes and applications.  
  Ceilcote Air Pollution Control  
  Ceilcote Air Pollution Control is a global company dedicated to solving environmental control challenges. We design, fabricate, install and service a complete line of air pollution control equipment. Our product lines include Scrubbers, Industrial FRP Blowers, Tellerette® Tower Packing and a variety of products and services that will assist in meeting your environmental goals.  
  Farr Air Pollution Control  
  Controlling dust at excavation sites, mill transfer points and similar locations is a difficult challenge. The EPA has strict limits on annual emission amounts. If emissions are too high, production schedules may be curtailed. that’s why proper design and selection of dust collection equipment is such an important concern. Minimizing emissions allows production of more product.  
  Fisher-Klosterman, Inc.  
  With over a half century of experience and more than 15,000 installations worldwide, Fisher-Klosterman® is a leader in designing, manufacturing, troubleshooting, and servicing a complete line of equipment for product recovery, dust collection, and air pollution control.  
  Focus Environmental  
  Focus Environmental, Inc., established in 1988, specializes in providing process engineering, and regulatory compliance services in the areas of hazardous waste thermal treatment, air permitting, air pollution control, contaminated soil remediation and hazardous waste management.  
  Fuel Tech, Inc.  
  A Leader in Air Pollution Control (APC) Systems Fuel Tech’s APC technologies are installed worldwide on over 450 combustion units, including utility, industrial and municipal solid waste applications. Products include customized NOx control systems, which can reduce emissions from 30% – 85%, and proprietary urea-to-ammonia conversion technology, which can provide safe reagent for use in selective catalytic reduction systems.  
  Kimre, Inc.  
The introduction of Kimre™ patented high-performance, interlaced mesh structure revolutionized the technology of process fluid separation and air pollution control.  
  McGill AirClean LLC  
  McGill AirClean has more than 40 years of experience solving air pollution control problems for boilers, furnaces, incinerators, and a variety of industrial processes.  During that time, we have helped customers comply with air emission regulation in industries such as glass, wood products, pulp and paper, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metals, petrochemical, electrical power and steam generation, hazardous solid waste incineration, and many more.  
  Molecular Products Ltd.  
  Molecular Products provide value added solutions and chemical technologies for the treatment of breathable gases. These products are used in the removal of carbon dioxide, the generation of oxygen and the filtration of hazardous, toxic & undesirable gaseous phase contaminants.  
  Pro-Environmental Inc.  
  Pro-Environmental Inc. is the leading provider of Air Pollution Control equipment supplying cutting-edge technologies and services. PEI offers valuable single source solutions to its customers with over 2,500 installations worldwide.  
  Tri-Mer Corporation  
Air Pollution Control Systems for: PM10, PM2.5, Fine Particulate, Submicron PM, Condensables, SO2, NOX, Mercury, Acid, Chrome, Dust, VOCs  
  TurboSonic Technologies  
  Backed by over 30 years of research, development and industry use, TurboSonic products have been proven to meet stringent emissions regulations, improve process performance and protect downstream processes and air pollution equipment.