Rail Equipment and Supplies

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  A&K Railroad Materials  
  Today, A&K Railroad Materials, is the nation's leading supplier of new and used track materials. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, A&K has regional sales offices, satellite sales offices and a network of storage and distribution centers strategically located throughout the United States. Together, these offices and locations maintain the most extensive and comprehensive inventory of new, relay, and reconditioned rail and track materials in the nation.  
  Advance Car Mover Co.  
Move up to 10,000 pound loads using two 7' roller pry trucks. (Choose from 3,500 to 5,000 pound ratings.)  
  A. L. Lee Corp.  
  A. L. Lee Corporation acquired the EIMCO line of Locomotives used in mines, tunnels and construction projects around the world.  A. L. Lee Locomotives - trolley, battery or trolley/battery combination are designed for optimum performance at low cost.  They deliver high payloads, shift after shift, with minimal downtime.  
  American Mine Door  
  Many track mines remain in use around the world, and American Mine Door's rugged, heavy-duty track cleaner is still the best way to clean track. Designed to operate in coal, metal, and non-metal underground mines, our Model 75 Track Cleaner (formerly the Canton Track Cleaner) is successful in removing Iron, Copper, Coal, Lead, Potash, and Salt from your tracks.  
  Appalachian Timber Services  
  Appalachian Timber Services is your source for quality timber products and services for the railroad industry. We're located in the heart of West Virginia's prime hardwood timber-growing region and served by a number of local sawmills. So we're always ready to provide the high quality oak and mixed hardwoods you need at competitive prices.  
  Arva Industries  
  ARVA is innovative equipment designed to perform where it counts most… on your job site… on your bottom line.  Companies from across North America come to ARVA to solve problems. Whether it's the military, rail, marine, construction, or industrial… ARVA solves their lifting problems through innovative engineering.  
  BEML Limited  
  In recent years, BEML Limited has forayed into high-tech Metro Trains deployed for intra-city commuting. BEML is expanding its infrastructure to meet the greater needs of metro projects coming up in the country. Also, BEML supplies equipment to Indian Railways which include Integral Rail Coaches, Overhead Electric Inspection Cars, Postal Vans, AC/DC Electric Multiple Units, D-EMUs, Utility Track Vehicles, Track Laying Equipment, Broad-Gauge Railbus, Treasury Vans, Spoil Disposal Units etc.  
  Briggs Equipment  
  Briggs Equipment offers quality TRACKMOBILE® Mobile Railcar Movers to accommodate most any application and need. And we offer a variety of equipment financing options to assist you in increasing your ROI and company performance.  
  Brookville Equipment Corporation  
  Today Brookville is especially proud of its highly educated managers and engineers, and professionally trained and motivated team of employees who are committed to achieving the mission and vision of the company. The Brookville Team offers such innovative options such as regenerative braking, solid state IGBT electronic control systems, DST "Dry System Technologies™" exhaust management systems that meet regulatory requirements, and Rail/Walker™ Jack/Walker™ re-railing devices patented by Brookville featured on some of Brookville's latest machines. Today, the company produces a full line of customized rail-mounted or rubber-tired haulage machines for underground mining, tunneling construction, industrial and switching applications and mass transit applications. For the international market Brookville has grown to emerge as a leading U.S. manufacturer of haulage equipment and has shipped machines to 80 countries throughout the world. Brookville's mass transit resume' includes fully refurbishing streetcars for cities including New Orleans, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.  
Original equipment manufacturers of railcar gate openers and railcar movers.  
  Chafin Track  
Welcome to the Chafin Track Web Site.  Chafin Track specializes in rail products for the mining industry.  
  Clayton Equipment Ltd  
  We are one of the worlds premier suppliers of above and below ground locomotive haulage equipment. It's a fact that our battery, trolley and diesel locomotives are specified more than any other manufacturer; and our commitment to speedy after sales support and dependable reliability is second to none.  
  Cogar Mine Supply  
  Cogar Mine Products offers innovative products for surface and underground crushing, conveying and rail movement. With an extensive background in the re-building of Mine machinery, our company has taken years of equipment upgrades with the practical upgrades of our customers to offer improved, dependable products at very competitive pricing.  
  FreightCar America  
  We are a manufacturer of railroad freight cars, with particular expertise in coal-carrying railcars. In addition to coal cars, FreightCar America designs and builds flat cars, mill gondola cars, intermodal cars, coil steel cars, and motor vehicle carriers.  
  GIA Industri AB  
  Since 1950 GIA has manufactured and supplied locomotives for the mining and tunnelling industry all over the world. Today GIA is manufacturing diesel locomotives in a range from 2–45 ton.  
  GE - Transportation  
  GE - Transportation is the world’s leading manufacturer of diesel-electric locomotives with more than 15,000 locomotives operating around the globe. At the same time, we’re a chief provider of on-board and wayside signaling, communications, control and information systems. We’re also the industry leader in service, maintaining an installed base of more than 8,000 locomotives worldwide.  
  GMK International Group Inc.  
Goodman Locomotives, Mancha Locomotives, Gia Locomotives  
  Irwin Car and Equipment  
  Irwin Car and Equipment manufactures locomotives to support mining and tunneling projects domestically and internationally. In addition to new equipment, we also offer the ability to provide a complete rebuild or redesign of existing rail equipment, with refurbishment to “like new” condition. Our field-installed packages can upgrade existing equipment; including disc brakes, electronic controls, suspension and ergonomic seating.  
  L.B. Foster Company  
  L.B. Foster Rail Products is a leading manufacturer and supplier of rail and accessories for railroads, transit systems and other industrial applications in the Western Hemisphere. Rail Products consists of six individual product lines and service units.  
  Logan Corporation  
  Logan has everything you need including safety equipment,  hand tools, drill steel, concrete finishers,  and ground engaging tools from ESCO and Bucyrus Blades.   Additionally, we have our specialized Locomotive Renewal Parts Division is located in Huntington, West Virginia, situated adjacent to our corporate headquarters with over 70 years experience in the locomotive parts industry.  
  The Mansour Group of Companies is a unique network of companies that can provide one stop shopping for not only all of your mining needs, but as well as your transportation, scrap metal, diesel engine sales and service, SECURE TRACK sales and service and warehousing requirements.  
  National Railway Equipment Co.  
  National Railway Equipment Co. has grown to become the world's largest supplier of remanufactured locomotives, new and rebuilt mechanical and electrical systems and components. The company also provides locomotive field service and technical support. NREC delivers locomotives and services to customers throughout North America and worldwide.  
  RailWorks Corporation  
  RailWorks Corporation is hard at work throughout North America providing a range of Track and Transit Systems construction services. We bring together our extensive project expertise, vast equipment resources and highly dedicated and capable workforce to successfully meet the demands of transit authorities, private industry, and railroads of all sizes.  
  R.A Warren Equipment Ltd.  
  Warren manufactures diesel, trolley, battery and combination battery/trolley locomotives. In 2000, Warren built the NexTec1 Battery Locomotive for the Fuelcell Propulsion Institute to be used to demonstrate the first application of Fuelcell Power to underground mining and tunneling. Successful tests were conducted underground at the Canmet Experimental Mine in, Val D'Or, Quebec and at a production gold mine. (Further testing is continuing.)  Other manufactured equipment includes; flat cars, timber trucks, personnel carriers, rocker dump cars, muck cars and car dumper mechanisms.  
  Saminco, Inc.  
  With underground coal mining as our main customer base, we provide Traction Drives that operate reliably in the harshest conditions imaginable.  We have taken our experience of supplying controls for electric vehicles that haul 40+ tons of coal and miners safely in and out of coal mines to both on and off road electric vehicles, including Fuel Cell Buses and Automobiles, Hybrid Trucks and Buses, Streetcars, Airline Ground Support Vehicles and Battery powered vehicles of all types.  
  Schenck Process Mining  
  Schenck Process Train Loaders are designed to operate reliably in the harshest mining environment. High temperatures, dust, and water are commonplace in the mining industry. Schenck Process train loaders will not only handle this harsh environment, they will operate reliably for extended periods with only routine maintenance.  
 Product range,  -  Underground/tunnel locomotives -  Standard gauge shunting and service locomotives -  Narrow gauge locomotives for special purpose  
  Today, Shuttlewagon has again raised the technology bar for the mobile railcar moving industry. We’ve redesigned the entire Shuttlewagon line to be the safest, most powerful and reliable railcar mover available. The Shuttlewagon Commander Series employs common-sense technology and is renowned for its safety and ease of operation. Each model of the Commander Series includes full-width cabs for improved operator site lines, rotating consoles that allow operation on either side of the unit, multi-function color displays, ABS brakes and dynamic anti-slip traction control.  
  SIGMA S.A.  
  Mining cars designated for load storage and transport with the use of one or several types of transport, without the need of loading.  Due to universal construction, mining cars may be used on a wheeled undercarriage, rail tracks or in conjunction with a suspended monorail and powered by combustion engines. Mining cars on the surface may be moved by hoists, forklift trucks or other means of transport (e.g. vehicles).  Mining cars are built for continual use and characterised by the ease of filling and emptying.  They may be equally used as containers in stacks for the storage of materials.  
  Stewart & Stevenson  
  Developed by Stewart & Stevenson in 1990, Rail King railcar movers are designed and manufactured to provide simple, safe, and cost-effective primary power for switching operations.  
  Titagarh Wagons Limited  
  Titagarh Wagons Limited is one of the leading private sector wagon manufacturers in India. We are young company incorporated in 1997-98 which is primarily engaged in the business of manufacturing Railway Wagons, Bailey Bridges, Heavy Earth Moving and Mining Equipment, Steel and SG iron castings of moderate to complex configuration etc.  
Manufactures mobile railcar moving vehicles for in-plant and yard switching.  
  Trident South Africa  
  Trident is a leading designer and manufacturer of mining machinery and is a supplier of Eimco Rocker Shovel Loaders, Goodman Locomotives and Trident mono rope Winches. The Company today has established itself as a major player in the industry and is poised to continue its contribution towards the economy of our country.  
  Trinity Industries, Inc.  
  Trinity's rail manufacturing businesses include the largest volume producers of freight and tank railcars in North America. Trinity North American Freight Car, Inc. manufactures a full line of railcars, including box cars, gondolas, intermodal cars, covered and open hoppers and auto carriers. Trinity Tank Car, Inc. produces a full line of railcars that transport liquefied and pressurized commodities. Both companies manufacture products in Mexico.  
  Wirth Rail Corporation  
  Tee rail sections are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from transit authority systems to Heavy haul railways.  Light rail sections (85 lb/yd and less) are used for mining, industrial, and crane applications.