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  Alpine Sales & Rental Corp  
  ALPINE...Full Service Providers of Cutter Buckets, Excavator-Mounted Rotary Cutters and New & Used Roadheaders.  We are very optimistic about our new line of highly versatile excavator mounted cutter heads and cutter buckets. Our 35+ years of experience in the rock cutting business gives us an unmatched ability to provide technical support and project level know-how. Application consulting support to our customers ensures appropriate equipment selection and maximum production.  
  Antraquip Corporation  
  Antraquip Corporation is a leading global supplier of roadheaders, hydraulic rock cutting attachments for excavators, reliable tunnel support systems and auxilary products for the tunneling, mining and construction industries.  With over 30 years of experience in mechanized rock cutting methods and its continuous research and development, Antraquip can offer the most innovative, reliable and efficient solutions for your projects with the use of roadheaders or hydraulic excavator attachments.  In addition to a state of the art production line, Antraquip also offers engineering and consulting services including equipment refurbish-ment and rebuilds.  
  Dosco Overseas Engineering Ltd  
  Dosco's early successes were linked to the mechanisation of the coal industry. Ongoing product developments by Dosco have brought about improvements in development and production capabilities within the coal industry. However, the equipment is not just restricted to use in coal mining, other mineral applications include salt, potash, gypsum, iron ore, bauxite and phosphates. Dosco has an extensive range of machines, ranging from the 17 tonne Dintheader and 18 tonne Dosco Webster Bucket Cutter Loader through to the latest machine the 100 tonne Mk4 Heavy Duty Roadheader.  
  Eickhoff Corporation  
  Roadheaders for tunneling, mining, roadway and general construction industry. Using modular construction techniques, our equipment meets all strata and applications demands.  Hydraulic Milling Cutter tool for universal use. Models ETH 30, ETH 50, or ETH 200 can be mounted to any suitably sized hydraulic excavator. Applications include tunneling, mining, quarries, roadway construction, demolition, forestry, and marine use.  
  Sandvik Mining & Construction  
  Sandvik roadheaders are advanced, self-propelled, extremely powerful rock-cutting machines designed to excavate roadways, tunnels and chambers continuously without using explosives. Powered electro-hydraulically, they emit no fumes and are used extensively in coal mining, mineral mining and underground construction projects, where their ability to excavate the desired profile without causing harmful vibrations is highly valued for both environmental and safety reasons.  The roadheader family also includes separate, multi-purpose hydraulic cutting heads for mounting on excavators.  
  Webster Equipment Ltd.  
  Webster's have over 30 years experience in the design and installation of hydraulic cutting units for use in tunneling, mining and construction.  The Webster ROCKWHEEL series of excavator-mounted cutters is the latest range to be developed for these industries.  
  Roadheaders are the most widely used tools to excavate the mine infrastructure and have been designed to withstand the toughest conditions. With more than 35 years of experience, the reliability and robustness of WIRTH Roadheaders will ensure high productivity and efficiency.